Turnkey is more than just a phrase

Concept development? Absolutely. Prototyping and testing? No problem. Product mass production? Another expertise.
We provide as much or as little as you need.

Concept Development

The customer’s vision is the single most important element of each and every project. We work closely with our customers to develop their concepts, and make sure that design requirements are met.

We always generate more than one concept to be validated in later stages of development.

Design and Simulations

Design is in our genes and we love creative designs and clever solutions. However, every design must be backed up by solid data to prove functionality, reliability and manufacturability.


Our simulations include FEA (force, heat), kinematics, tolerance analysis, mold flow simulations, and more.


Our local workshop as well as vendors in China provide rapid prototypes to help us quickly validate designs. Prototypes can be from soft mold, 3D printer or machining. Prototypes are not only used for checking the assembly of the parts, but will also be vigorously tested to validate that the product meets the design requirements.


From prototypes, our customers will select the final version that will go into mass production.


Prototypes or products will go through testing in our facilities either locally or overseas. Our local testing capabilities include environment chamber tests, vibration, signal integrity, structural strength, chemical resistance, radiation resistance and 3D dimension measurements. Any tests beyond our local capacity will be done by our vendors in China.


At the end of the day we will validate, refine and release the design that will go into mass production.

Product Launch

To launch the product into mass production, we provide tool design, assembly design, process optimization, fixtures design, production planning etc. Our established and trusted partnerships with vendors makes us a one-stop-shop for our customers.


This means low cost and transparent management, closed loop quality control and quick response to customer requests in the production phase.