A Selection of our Work

Trogear Marine Products

Trogear offers customized aftermarket sailboat add-ons. Their products are designed to improve the performance of sailboats while withstanding the tough conditions of ocean sailing.

The Challenge:
They engaged us to validate their flagship product, a carbon fiber bowsprit, The A-Sprit.

Our Approach:
We started with an in-depth discussion with Trogear on their functional requirements, followed by a detailed on-site study of the product use case. Dimensions are measured, photos are taken and videos are recorded.

To understand the worst case scenario of sailing, we dig into the aerodynamics of the sail and the forces acting on the boat using fundamental physics.

We studied the forces acting on the A-sprit, and from the free-body diagram, calculated the internal forces inside the structure.

The Results:
With the collected data and the physics analysis, we built simplified 3D models to simulate the sailing conditions. We validated the structural strength of the product based on the results. This gave Trogear sound data about their product.